Good Intentions Don't Fix Problems

Good Intentions Don't Fix Problems

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When we keep opening a squeaking overhead door, we do know that it needs lubrication but who remembers to do it! We always promise ourselves that it will be the first thing we'll do when we get back from work but we get hold up with cooking and preparing the children for the following day. When we get to relax for an hour before we go to bed, it pops up in mind. “Lubrication maintenance will be my priority this weekend” we say but the weekend comes and goes and there is simply no time for it.Good Intentions Don't Fix Problems

The simple truth is that we have no time to do the slightest thing about our beautiful sectional doors, which seem to get worst day after day. We are absolutely aware that soon enough the awful creaking coming from the worn and non-lubricated garage door parts will turn to a more serious problem. Still, we do nothing about it. In fact, some people are so tired and busy they hardly even notice that the door is noisy or the cables loose. You probably mean well and we all surely have the best intentions but that doesn't mean our problems are solved.

What are your chances for safety?

It's simple! You either have to find some time to at least check what's wrong with the mechanism or trust the inspection and garage door maintenance to our professionals. After all, it is recommended by Garage Door Repair Spring that you and I will not interfere with repairs for safety reasons. Though, consider the consequences if we even fail to make a phone call for service.

• The noises will gradually increase. Since they usually come from damaged garage door springs, dented tracks, worn rollers and loose parts, you will soon be faced with serious issues. If the springs won't snap, the door might get jammed and surely all parts will wear down much faster and need replacement.
• Don't forget that brackets keep tracks and the torsion spring stable and secure. If they get loose, the door will vibrate too much when it is moving and your safety will really be at stake.
• If we don't have the time to even check the big, obvious parts, we will certainly never know when the bottom seal will be worn. Eventually, we will realize that our garage is very dirty, spiders and cockroaches have filled the place and our insulation has long gone.
• Component parts ought to be replaced after a certain period of time and depending on use and maintenance. If you fail to do so, the whole system will collapse as components will become totally dysfunctional one by one.
• Your safety comes first. Basically, all these problems and many more will create the perfect grounds for easy accidents. Chances will increase if you also fail to check the electric garage door opener sensors. Among all parts, they are the most important ones for your safety. Failure to examine them and repair them on time will definitely have the worst repercussions.

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