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Here are some tips on how you can maintain your garage door's condition. Read below

Repaint chipped areas

Chipped paint on your garage door may look harmless, but this becomes an entry point for water to seep in causing rust to develop on the metal. Our experts say that rusting is an early form of deterioration. Keep your garage door in pristine condition and repaint even small areas of chipped paint or coating.

Lubricate hinges

Hinges, elbows, or any swinging and moving parts of garage doors need constant lubrication for them to work properly and efficiently. Apply a sufficient amount of good quality lubricating oil on these areas to keep the friction to a minimum. Too much friction causes slight damage that can build up over time.

Check the corner brackets

These brackets are attached to the lower right and lower left corners of the garage door. The cables that raise your door are attached to these corner brackets. Since the cables are actually under high tension, these corner brackets can fly out dangerously when they are disconnected. If a problem is suspected, contact our professionals at garage door repair Northvale.

Steel is the strongest, most durable garage door

If you are in the market for a practical garage door that can withstand continuous use several times a day, purchase a steel door. Consult with our specialist about the type of garage door you desire.

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